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Literacy Programs Offered:

Reading Math ESOL Specialized Pre-GED Work Readiness
Volunteers picture Whether you are a non-reader or struggling with reading, the Literacy Council offers a complete literacy program to improve your skills.

All of our tutors are trained using materials from Pro-Literacy, a national learning and teaching resource for adult literacy.

All literacy materials are free and tutoring is self-paced to accommodate your needs and abilities.
Call the Literacy Council at 410-857-0766 for additional information and to get started with a tutor.

Getting Started
We first start by assessing your reading and writing abilities, to find the right program for you. A profile is then created, which includes:
  • your reading program and program level
  • your availability for one-on-one tutoring
Reading Programs
Depending on your assessment, you may be placed in any one of the four programs.
  • Laubach Way to Reading
  • This basic program is made up of four reading levels that build upon your skills as you move through the levels.
    Each level includes:
    • student skill book
    • student workbook
    • correlated reader
    You will build skills and confidence in basic English from the lessons’ step-by-step patterns. Each lesson has you working with reading, writing, grammar and spelling.
  • Challenger
  • As the next level of reading programs, this program based on adult themed fiction and nonfiction includes eight levels.
    Each level includes:
    • student skill book
    • writing book
    Challenger teaches the following:
    word analysis - phonics, word families, prefixes and suffixes, vocabulary
    reading comprehension - main idea and detail, making inferences, cause and effect, literary interpretation
    writing and composition skills
  • Voyager
  • This three part reading series follows Challenger. Every lesson includes: writing and critical thinking skills.
    In this higher level, you will work with pre-reading and active reading strategies while building knowledge about real world topics and issues.
  • Endeavor
  • Following the Voyager program, work on interpretative skills in reading fiction and non-fiction materials from this three part series.
  • Additional Learning Tools
  • The Literacy Council offers materials that further your learning of the four reading programs.
    • Focus on Phonics
    • Patterns in Spelling
    These tools help with pronouncing English sounds and spelling using word families and consonant recognition. You will become skilled in sounding out new vocabulary and interpreting unusual words that do not following typical spelling rules. These materials are selected by you and your tutor, as needed.
From counting to high school algebra, learn many practical math uses for daily life and the workplace. Our Breakthrough to Math program includes four levels.
  • Level One
    • number counting units
    • additions, subtraction, multiplying and dividing whole numbers
    • basic math word problems that demonstrate real world application
  • Level Two
    • fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios
    • word problems that apply to daily life
  • Level three
    • basic algebraic applications - signed numbers, equations, exponents, roots, polynomials and graphs
    • algebrac word problems
  • Level Four
    • geometry - lines and angles, triangles, quadrangles, circles, areas and volumes
After successfully completing all the levels, you will have mastered basic high school math. Trigonometry, calculus and probability are not included in the lessons. All materials are provided for free, and additional materials are available to you and your tutor from the Literacy Council’s resources.
Call the Literacy Council at 410-857-0766 for additional information and to get started with a tutor.

The Literacy Council offers free lessons on speaking, reading and writing. Basic English is required.
If you need to learn basic English skills, sign up for Carroll Community College’s ESOL classes , which includes bi-lingual instruction.

If you speak Spanish, the Literacy Council partners with McDaniel College to offer ESOL lessons for Spanish speakers at the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster on a weekly basis.

Working with our LifePrints program, learn socialization, family life and job interaction skills that occur in everyday life, and practice your English speaking skills with one-on-one conversations with your tutor.

Our tutors are skilled at helping you gain English skills that match how you learn while being aware of cross-cultural issues.

Additional Tools:
Your tutor also teaches you to use the following everyday materials:
  • newspapers
  • store circulars
  • online printouts
  • and many others
Use any of the following to add to your learning:
  • the council’s video library, foreign language dictionaries, activity books and exercises
  • Pro-Literacy’s online videos
  • Focus on Phonics – learning English language sounds
Materials are free. Contact the Literacy Council at 410-876-7472 for additional information about how to get matched with a tutor.

Specialized Instruction

Naturalization Citizenship
Lessons prepare you for the citizenship interview and test. Pro-Literacy materials are provided for free, and practice tests are included. You must have basic English skills for this program. If you need help with basic English skills, contact Carroll Community College’s ESOL classes

Life Skills
Learn to improve common life skills like:
  • shopping
  • writing checks
  • paying bills
  • reading maps
  • creating notes
  • finding a primary care doctor
  • looking for assistance
The goal is to make you independent and self-sufficient by teaching you the skills to master these activities. You can request tutoring for all activities or only those where you need help.

Customized Training
Requests may be made for particular needs that are outside of the Literacy Councils standard offerings.
Call the Literacy Council at 410-857-0766 for additional information and to get started with a tutor.

The Literacy Council offers a pre-GED program that prepares you for a GED test prep class.

Lessons help you improve your reading, writing, general science, social studies and mathematic skills using the Steck-Vaughn Pre-GED workbook. Each workbook includes a pre-test to determine your skill level on each subject. Additional resources are also used for classwork and homework.

Pre-GED lessons typically occur in a one-on-one tutoring setting; however, classroom instruction is available for groups.

The program may take up to one year to complete, depending on your pace and how often you meet with your tutor. After successfully completing the program you will be ready to pass the entry assessment for Carroll Community College’s GED Carroll Community College’s GED classes
Call the Literacy Council at 410-857-0766 for additional information and to get started with a tutor.

Work Readiness
Lessons on job searching, filling out applications and practicing interview skills are offered in one-on-one tutoring or group classroom sessions.
We cover the following:
  • job searching - online, newspapers and trade magazines
  • resume writing and completing online and paper applications
  • good interview skills
  • general preparation for entering the job market
Prescreening test preparation is also provided, but assistance for the actual test taking is not provided.
If you are employed and taking job-required training, the Literacy Council can help you understand written material(s) for you to pass required proficiency tests.
Basic computer skill lessons are given on a one-on-one tutoring session. Lessons include:
  • navigating the Internet
  • email
  • social media
  • using Microsoft programs to prepare documents

Instruction in specialty programs purchased separately for recreation, such as games, are not offered.
Call the Literacy Council at 410-857-0766 for additional information and to get started with a tutor.