Tutors at the Literacy Council may vary in age, race, and religion, but there is one thing they all share in common — they find happiness in helping others.



Testimonial of Anita Wilcox, Tutor

“I have always enjoyed reading, so when I saw a poster at my local library advertising the Literacy Council, I decided to share my love of reading with another.” After three years of tutoring Anita Wilcox still enjoys time with her student. The rewards have been twofold: her student has improved in reading and writing skills and Anita has learned much more about the English language. “We read and write, but we also laugh, discuss the news, and share our points of view on a variety of topics. We both have grown a lot.”


Testimonial of Dan Feustel, Tutor

One day Dan Feustel thought with some time on his hands he might try to give someone a better chance in life. He joined the Literacy Council with that in mind and after a few years of tutoring was called upon to work with a young man with cerebral palsy. The process has been ongoing for eight years, and throughout those years there has been a growing appreciation of the gifts each had to share. Starting with phonics and learning to write with the non-dominant hand, Dan’s student has learned to read and write with skill. Dan too has learned to appreciate what a difference literacy can make in someone’s life.


Testimonial of Mary Howard, Tutor

Mary Howard joined the literacy council in 2004. Over the years she has tutored nine students. She attributes her success to her desire to keep active. She feels everyone should give back to their community a little bit of what they have learned. She fondly recalls running in to a former student who had many personal problems early on, but who now had a respectable job and a family. “We started off reading menus when he was a bus boy. Now he’s the assistant manager of a restaurant. That’s real empowerment!”